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In some circumstances, Western Colorado Outdoors may need to cancel a program. Western Colorado Outdoors maintains the right to cancel any program for any reason. These cancellations are typically attributed to extreme weather conditions. In such case that Western Colorado Outdoors cancels a program for any reason a 100% credit of cancelled program will be attributed towards a future program with Western Colorado Outdoors. If this compensation cannot be negotiated then a refund will be provided minus any transaction fee incurred through the use of payment with credit. No compensation will be provided for travel arrangements, accommodations, etc.

Inherent Risk and Hazards

It is our priority to provide customers with a safe and successful experience. Every effort will be made to minimize risk and instruction will be provided before every program/trip and these instructions must be followed throughout the entirety of the program/trip for the safety of the guides, customers, and any other entities. Each customer will accept liability for any and all risks that he/she may experience. Outdoor recreation is inherently dangerous. These risks can result in personal injury or death. Western Colorado Outdoors does not accept liability for any personal injury or death that may occur. A Liability Release Form is required to be signed by each and every individual that participates in any program. Our programs require different levels of fitness which Western Colorado Outdoors is not authorized to evaluate. Therefore, each individual must evaluate his or her own fitness and then accept the risk of the trip. If any question as to your fitness level and qualification for a trip, consult with your physician.

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