Rock Climbing Adventure

WesternColoradoOutdoors  offers various courses and difficulty levels for rock climbing. Whether you're an experienced climber or just learning the ropes we have excellent courses which will provide you a day's worth of adventure.

$110 pp

Ready to get outside and explore the wilderness around you? With a wide variety of difficulties and distances, our day hikes can provide you with an entire day of stunning views and adventure.

$95 pp

Tours and Prices

Day Hike Expeditions

There is nothing like spending a few days immersed in nature and challenging yourself to new heights. Our backpacking treks range from topping out on Colorado's famous 14ers to pleasant trails through the wilderness.

$450 pp

Backpacking Treks

Family Discovery Mountain Tour

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Custom Adventure

In addition to the preset expeditions, we also offer you the choice to customize your adventure. Combine different activities and adventures that fit your personality and adventurous spirit. You choose the outdoor excursion best suited for you and let us help make it a reality.